I'm Pegasus.

bout site

  site name : itofactory
   A site for handiwork exhibitions by minato  [ All rights reserved ]

about me

  hd.name     : hira minato (Common name : minato)
  position    : Manager of Itofactory
  job         : office worker
  Nationality : Japanese

  Environment  : windows xp
  Use software : photoshop cs / illustlator cs / sai

  favorite Illustrator : Katuya Terada
                         Koji Morimoto
                         Takeshi Okazaki
                         Takuhito Kusanagi
                         Tatuyuki Tanaka
                         Mike Mignola
                         Mine Yoshizaki
                         Yoko Tanji

@favorites : coffee,cigaret and sweets
@favorite music : air.amari.Aphex Twin.Asian Dub Faundation.Beck
                   Beyonce.Black Eyed Peas.Blur.Bob marley
                   The Buddhist Monks.Cafe del mar.Calm. The Cemical Brothers
                   Coldplay.The cors.Cube Juice.Daft pank.Des'ree.Dj krush
                   Dj Shadow.Enigma.Fat Boy Slim.Gorillaz.Green day
                   Hallucinogen.Hiroki Okano.Home grown.Infusion.INO hidefumi
                   The Jackson 5.Jazzanova.Jhon Butler Trio.Kasabian
                   koomurri.Korn.Kula Shaker.Lauryn Hill.Lemon jelly
                   Linkin Park.Mad caddies.Marillyn Manson.Maroon 5
                   Marvin Gaye.Massive Attack.MEGARYU.MINMI.Moby.Moomin
                   Morcheeba.NG head.Nine Inch Nails.Nirvana.NoFX.nomak
                   Norah jones.Nujabes.Oasis.The off spring
                   Panic! At The Disco.Pase Rock.The prodigy.Propellaheads
                   PUSHIN.radiohead.Red Hot Chili Peppers.Rei Harakami
                   Replica.Rihanna.Royksopp.The Rude Pressures
                   S.E.S .Sepulture.Shingo 2.Short Circuit.Sigur Ros
                   Silmarils.Simple plan.SOBUT.Sorma.Speedmeter
                   Stevie Wonder.Sublime.Sum41.Supreme Beings Of Leisure
                   System Of A Down. T.O.k .TAKKYU ISHINO.Tei Towa
                   Thievery Corporation. U.N.K.L.E. Underworld
                   United Future Organization.Unkle.The Velvet Underground
it is not collected..couse so many.. about link linking is free site name : itofactory Manager : minato URL : http://itofactory.onushi.com/ If you need a banner , please use a lower image. itofactory1 http://itofactory.onushi.com/itofactory/img/b1/banner.jpg itofactory2 http://itofactory.onushi.com/itofactory/img/b2/banner.jpg @ito factory banner [88*31] @http://itofactory.onushi.com/itofactory/img/b3/banner.gif about contact If you felt something, please mail it for me. I'll be happy! And please assign me work.
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You can send it from this address. itofactory*gmail.com (pls change *@) * Now , I am studying English. If my English is wrong, please let me know. All rights reserved